Trout Season

Trout stocking in Garrett County, Maryland, is an annual event where trout are released into local streams and rivers to supplement the natural population of trout and provide recreational fishing opportunities for anglers. The subject matter around fly fishing has always been one of my favorites.

Brook Trout

watercolor painting of a brook trout

Garrett County has several popular trout fishing destinations, including the Savage River, the North Branch Potomac River, and the Youghiogheny River. The Maryland DNR regularly stocks these rivers and streams with rainbow, brown, and brook trout during the spring and fall. However, I’ve read they are stocked with mostly rainbow and golden trout this year.

Brown Trout

watercolor painting of a brown trout

Three of the most popular images over the years are what I refer to as the “trout trio”.

While I sold the originals several years ago, I still sell prints of the images directly from my studio or here on Fine Art America.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing the trio.

Rainbow Trout

watercolor painting of a rainbow trout