National Road Festival

This week Garrett County celebrates the National Road Festival in Grantsville, Maryland – an annual event that celebrates the historic National Road, also known as U.S. Route 40. The National Road Festival is celebrated along the road across Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

Piece of History

The National Road was one of the first federally-funded highways in the United States and was built in the early 1800s to connect the eastern seaboard to the western frontier. It played an important role in the country’s westward expansion and is recognized as a National Scenic Byway.

I always enjoy visiting Grantsville and have painted some subject matter from the area more than once, including Stanton’s Mill and the Casselman River Bridge which served as an important link on the National Road from 1813 to 1933.

Artwork from the National Road

watercolor painting of Stanton's mil in fall
Stanton’s Mill in Fall
watercolor painting of the Casselman river bridge and the Casselman river during trout season with fly fisherman
Trout Season

If You’re Traveling the National Road

If you find yourself in Grantsville, visit Spruce Forest Artisan Village and Penn Alps Restaurant and Craft Shop. The Craft Shop carries my cards and prints along with a variety of talented artisans’ work.

Maryland State Regional Virtual Exhibition

Recently I was nominated for inclusion in the Maryland State Regional Virtual Exhibition Series featuring Western Maryland. The work is presented in an online virtual gallery. The work spans various mediums, with many artists highlighting the beautiful scenery in the western part of Maryland. 

Click here to view the Maryland Regional Virtual Exhibition Series #5: Western Maryland on view October 21 through December 16.

Corner Store

Depending on which part of the lake you’re familiar with, you might recognize Corner Store.  A family store and gas station, known as Schmidt’s Service Station, used to sit at the corner of Turkey Neck Road and 135 near the southern end of Deep Creek Lake.  At one time, we could stop in for a loaf of bread, eggs or other items when passing by.  Corner Store is included in the Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County Gallery.