Virtual Tour of Ireland: Part Five

Dingle, located in County Kerry, is Ireland’s westernmost peninsula.

Dingle Way
Different hues, same area…..The Ramp

Petunia did not have much rain during her trip, but the day on the Loop was an exception. This picture the clearest one from that day.

Dingle Town in County Kerry is the only town on the Peninsula.

Petunia’s Tips:

Sciuird Archeology Tours is a great way to tour the ancient sites in the area. Michael Collins keeps his tour groups small and gives a very informative two and a half hour tour. Since it’s a half-day tour, you can make room for some other sightseeing on the same day.

While in Dingle, visit St. Mary’s Church and tour the Harry Clark stained glass windows.

Take your time to linger in the different pubs in Dingle. Don’t be afraid to stop in the ones that seem to be small or obscure. Pictured here is Petunia in a snug at Dick Mack’s. Everyone has their favorite. Hers was J. Curran’s Shop Bar.

A Note

We hope you are enjoying the virtual tour of Ireland.

Our hearts go out to all of the people that helped to make our various trips to Ireland special. We know that the current situation is making life difficult for people at home and abroad. We are looking forward to the day we can get back to Ireland and other beloved spaces!

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