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I can’t remember when the rivers weren’t a consuming interest of mine. As a young boy, my father would take me with him as he would make truck deliveries to the wharf in Pittsburgh. I remember the enormous wakes generated by the stern wheelers and the blanketing smoke from the stacks of commercial towboats racing across a finish line marked by the Smithfield Street Bridge. I have images of the Homer Smith related to me in stories by my grandmother and mother. All of this has built a store of images that I have attempted to recreate in my paintings of the rivers and the boats. These paintings scope historic craft to modern diesel tows in an attempt to capture the feeling of a particular scene rather than a historic illustration I have had the good fortune to spend time on commercial tows on the Ohio, Monongahela and Allegheny, picking up barges and locking through dams. To this day, I can’t cross a bridge or drive along any inland waterway without scanning for boat traffic and if possible, stop to get record photographs. My intent is to continue to paint the rivers and the transportation system built on them.