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Trucks and Rivers 

In this artist statement, I talk about how my love for the rivers started back when I was a boy and my father would take me with him to the Pittsburgh wharfs during his truck deliveries.  I came across some old photos depicting that time period.   In this first one, if you look closely, you'll see the river and some working boats in the back.   I also find the old trucks pretty interesting.  








Thoughts on Technique: Mixing Colors 

Try mixing your colors on your paper, rather than on your palette. It seemed to work here in "Low Country Shrimpers". 

LowCountryShrimpersa"Low Country Shrimpers"
Original watercolor| 12"x16"|$300
copyright 2014 Robert Yonke



Thank You Carol Lois Haywood of the "Boat Art Blog" 

I received a nice boost last week when Carol Lois Haywood posted some of my river boat art on her Boat Art Blog.  We share the interest of working boats from our respective regions of the country.  Carol is a prolific painter, sharing her transparent watercolor, with good use of color and control.  Her boats are nicely drawn with a solid design and her work is very consistent.  Her readers chose "Low Country" as a favorite out of three of my working boat series.