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More Big Sky Inspiration

Skiing is a way of life there, so how could I resist trying to grab the action. The next two images are my attempt at capturing skiers knee deep in powder.


Cotton Candy
9x12 watercolor on Yupo 



On Edge
9x12 watercolor on Yupo 




Grizzly on Yupo 

I haven't used Yupo paper for a while, but did pack a pad in with my painting supplies for a family visit to Big Sky, Montana. This change of scenery moved me to experiment a bit and after a few days of pencil sketching I broke out the Yupo and the watercolors.  We spent a day in Yellowstone National Park viewing wildlife and though we didn't see a grizzly bear, something motivated me to do this one that I call "Waking Up".


"Waking Up"
watercolor on Yupo 



Functional Use for a Painting 

Last year, I was commissioned to create a piece of art that could physically be separated in order to cover a wall mounted television.  Experts in home entertainment developed a mechanism that covered the flat screen and then allowed any mounted material to separate exposing the screen for viewing. All I had to do was create a piece of art that could meet their specifications regarding height and width. Here are photos of the finished, installed work.


Panel Closed



Panel Open


This weekend is another opportunity to visit my studio during the Mountain Maryland Art Sale and Tour.  It will be the last open studio of the year for me.  The weather looks much better this weekend than last, and I thought these photos might encourage a drive through our county.   We're open 11-5 Saturday and Sunday.  Hope to see you! 

Autumnglory07 225

Autumnglory07 329

Autumnglory07 432


Saturday Afternoon Project 

Inspired by a recent outing where I found I was not equipped well to paint on location, I decided to see what I could do to improve my situation.  I made this from an old cigar box and a small photo tripod we had lying around in the garage.   I doubled up the bottom, put a fitting in to accept a threaded mount.   Then I modified the tripod to mount the box, added  a small cable to hold the lid at an appropriate angle for an easel, and I thought I might be on to something....

Photo (2)


Photo (3)
Here it is, getting a little action.