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A "Yellow Flower", Just Because

While most of my work falls under one of several categories of subject matter, once in a while I paint something a little different.  "Yellow Flower" is one of these pieces, created either in a workshop, or just because I felt like it. 

image from
"Yellow Flower" 
original watercolor
copyright 2016 Robert Yonke 


"Moonshine" is another piece on wood that I finished up early this summer.  It's found an owner and is currently en route to it's new home on the West Coast.  

"Moonshine"| watercolor on wood| 40"x48"

Returning to the McMurray Art League in August 

Thanks to the McMurray Art League for inviting me to return on August 18 and 19 for another workshop.  The group was very enthused about "Watercolor...Beyond the Medium's Boundaries", so we're going to continue on this topic.  Details will soon be posted at the McMurray Art League's workshop page if you'd like to join in for this next session. 


Sunday in the Park 

Two weeks ago Sunday, it was a beautiful day in Pittsburgh.  The grand kids asked me to join them on an outing down to Point State Park.  I hadn't been down there in years, and was truly amazed at all of the great things going on in the City of Pittsburgh.  JosePH and I found some time to sketch, and here is what I came up with.  Uncle Tim loves this one, so it might make it's way onto canvas.  



Cat Fishin'

This is another painting completed while working with my "studio on the go".  It's 9"x12" watercolor on Arches Rough Finish block.