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First time all bloggers get them???

MountainDo is my entry into blogworld...just want to talk about a few things we like to do here in the pick some good "roots" music, listen to good pickers pick, paint little pictures of mountain things, build stuff out of wood, hang out with folk of like mind and when the opportunity offers, go fishing. As I get a little better at this it will get smoother so, if you would, stick with it.  If you want, join in.


Everyday's a brand new piece of art


The Ice Jam

Dcp_2217_1 Speaking of picking, this past weekend found a bunch of bluegrass pickers doing their thing at the Days Inn in Butler, Pennsylvania. Would you believe about three thousand of them and a couple dozen bands on-stage Friday through Sunday. This was the second time I've been to what they call the "Ice-Jam". Been held for ten consecutive years. Dcp_2232

Drew pickers and listeners from at least five states, all happy "campers" it seemed. There wasn't really any camping but they filled up three motels. Close enough. Lots of bluegrass talent here and abouts this part of Pennsylvania.

Dcp_2261_1 I really do need to get closer and more involved with this gang since there's nothing I'd rather do than pick and sing bluegrass music. To that end, I intend to drive up to Meadville, PA next Saturday for a similar event. Again its a Friday, Saturday, Sunday gathering with bands on-stage and jamming in rooms, hallways and corners. My best buddy and wife, "Sweet Fern", took lots of photos at the Butler Ice Jam and I'm going to try to put them up but I just might be too low on the learning curve to do that right now...might take a while. My other best buddy and daughter, "Petunia", is walking me through this. I know it will get it done. 

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